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what changes are in place due to covid-19?

Update: 19th July 2021

Due to the ongoing high levels of infection, I will continue to follow the Covid-19 procedures I have put in place to reduce the risk of infection to my clients and myself. I would really appreciate everyone's support in continuing to follow the guidelines below.

The Sanctuary continues to be a lovely, relaxing place to come and unwind with calming music and lighting, the same treatments and therapist...

... but please help me ensure the health of all my clients by following these guidelines.

Thank you, Claire

Before your appointment


  • I will call or message you before your appointment to carry out a risk assessment - please answer honestly

  • Please don't come for your appointment if you have any symptoms, have been in close contact with someone showing symptoms, or have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace - but please let me know

  • Please be aware that by attending your appointment, you consent to me sharing your contact details with NHS Test and Trace where requested

  • Please bring your own mask to wear for your treatment, although I will have spares if you forget

  • Please bring your own water for after your treatment

  • Please pay using contactless methods, avoiding cash if possible

  • Please don't enter the building before the previous client has left - this should be no problem if you turn up no earlier than your appointment time

  • Wash your hands or use the hand sanitiser before your appointment

  • Before you enter, I will check your temperature using a non-contact thermometer

  • No hand shaking or hugs

What will be different in the treatment room?

  • There will be no blankets on the beds or cushions on the sofas; you could bring your own blanket for comfort

  • There will be no foot mats on the floor by the massage table and reflexology chair

  • Please keep your socks on until you are on the massage table or reflexology chair, and put them back on before you get up and walk back to the seating area

  • There will be wipe-clean covers on the massage table and reflexology chair, covered with disposable tissue roll

  • A new hand wash unit will be available for me to use between clients

  • Hand sanitiser will be available for you to use - please apply after touching your face or other surfaces

  • I will be wearing a mask and/or visor

  • There will be an acrylic screen to give added protection but retain visibility

  • There will be longer gaps between appointments to allow for cleaning and airing the room, and reduce the risk of clients bumping into other clients on the narrow staircase

  • Please don't touch any of the Neal's Yard displays - simply ask me if you'd like anything, or would like a sample

  • There won't be any leaflets on display - please ask if you would like one


Payment and making follow up appointments

  • Please use contactless payment methods wherever possible - card payments or Paypal preferred

  • Follow up appointments will be confirmed by text/email rather than by appointment card


Using the customer toilet

  • Please only use the toilet if necessary as this is a higher risk area. If you do use it, then please follow this guidelines

  • Please ensure you wash your hands thoroughly before and after using the toilet, and dry using the paper towels provided

  • Please close the toilet lid to flush and wipe down surfaces after use

Thank you for helping me to provide a safe environment for all my customers

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